There is no outside of love.


there is only love, for there is no outside of love


all roads lead to love, and when we accept love we can accept anything for

there is nothing larger or greater than love


when our lives are finally done, we accept that love without the

slightest hesitation, just as the river joins the ocean without pause for 'thought'


so we can accept that now, and enjoy living, enjoy being loving


nothing, no thing, or being, exists in creation without love,

just as bread cannot exist without flour,

so no being, human or otherwise, exists without love,

in fact every being comes from love, is made from love



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Lord of Heart


every human is lord

of the heart


the human only has to bow

to the heart

to uncover this


when the human fully bows

to the heart

the human fully realises this


that the human

is fully heart


and realises

there is only loving


at the heart of living


there is no living

without loving


there is no life without heart

there is no life without love


and this is the truth of it

this is the infinite truth

of all that is